Create scavenger hunts with the Scavenger Hunt app for the iPhone.  There are three versions of the app.  All versions are compatible.  Scavenger hunts created in one version can be accessed by the other versions.  In version 1.0, when international users uploaded their hunts, the hunt name was preceded by "(null)".  This feature was discontinued in version 1.01.  It did not affect a user's ability to upload or download the hunt.

--Scavenger Hunt Lite: download scavenger hunts and find the items.  When a user finds an item in the scavenger hunt, the user has the option of posting tweets on twitter.  This app is available through the App Store, and is free!

--Scavenger Hunt: with this app you can create, upload, and download scavenger hunts.  The user can e-mail scavenger hunts, and make them available for others to download (either from our server or using another host).  When a user finds an item in the scavenger hunt, the user has the option of posting tweets on twitter or updating their facebook wall.  This app is available for $1.99 through the App Store!

--Scavenger Hunt Pro: with this app you can create scavenger hunts suitable for competition.  When a user finds an item in the scavenger hunt, the user has the option of posting tweets through their personal twitter account or updating their facebook wall.  In addition, when a user finds an item, their success is automatically posted through the official twitter account.  The iPhone device, the item, the name of the hunt, and the date/time are part of the post.  This serves as a way to determine who was the first to find each item in a contest.  For all hunts created using this version, the distance between the user and the item is given as a range rather than a specific value (on all other versions of the app), making the scavenger hunts a little more challenging.  Look for this version of the app to be available in the fall for $9.99 through the App Store!

For more information, take a look at some of our videos on YouTube:


We have several scavenger hunts available to download.  Locations include Boston MA, Iowa City IA, Santa Cruz CA, Metropolis IL, Green Bay WI, Niagara Falls, Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, and Belves.  Go to the ScavengerHuntFiles section to get the names of the hunts.

Future prices of these apps are subject to change, depending on the cost to host the files and enable search features.  Get them now, while the price is right!

A new version of ScavengerHunt Deluxe has been submitted to the App Store.  This version incorporates twitter's changes in authorizing posts through mobile devices/apps, fixes the naming scheme when submitting hunts in Massachusetts or outside of the United States, and also realigns the cell position when typing latitude/longitude coordinates in the creation process.  Please install the update before submitting apps.  The upload script has changed, so it is important to use the new version of the app.  A new Lite version will be submitted soon.  This update will enable twitter posts.